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G&O Diamond Drilling Contractors Ltd. is an innovative diamond drilling company located in Alberta, Canada. With over 40 years of experience in mining & exploration, our equipment and crews have drilled at sites across North America.

Access to helicopter crews allow us to fly-in equipment for drilling in the most remote locations.

At G&O Drilling, we value our environment and the health and safety of our employees, and are always working to improve in both areas.

Not only do we provide complete drilling, and exploration services, we also have consultants on hand to help with your drilling project. We also rent and lease rigs, trailers, skids and everything you need for your next drill program. For more information on our services, and equipment, have a look around the website.

We Work On Aboriginal Lands!


The deep connection to the Land is vital to the Aboriginal Peoples. It is the Land that gives Aboriginal People a deep sense of place and self. For some the very social structure of the community is embedded in the Land.

The relationship with the Land occurs at both the physical and the spiritual level. The Land provides for all its people’s needs, including the need for an economy. This relationship gives purpose to the First Nation People – to protect the Land, which in turn ensures the well-being of its People. It is the people’s responsibility to care for the land, just as it cares of them, and their past, present and future relations.

We at G&O Diamond Drilling understand that land which is owned by Indigenous communities is administered in accordance with their customs & traditions. We at G&O Diamond Drilling embrace and respect those customary and traditional aboriginal land rights and celebrate the rich Aboriginal Peoples History and Traditions.

Proud Member of CCAB

Social Responsibility for Aboriginal Community & Traditions.

Canada is experiencing a new social and political environment as it pertains to Aboriginal people. Aboriginal issues are top of mind for the Canadian public, more than any other time in history. In light of this new social reality, more and more Canadian businesses are becoming interested in the opportunities of working with Aboriginal people. The exponential growth of Aboriginal entrepreneurialism reveals a sophisticated and ambitious businessperson that is looking to partner, collaborate and succeed. Couple this with the groundswell of international support for Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability, and it is easy to see the future is bright for Aboriginal business.

Please visit the CCAB website for more information.