Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy


G&O Diamond Drilling Contractors Ltd. is a North American mining & exploration company with interests in the environment and its sustainability. We are committed to delivering environmental safeguards while maintaining the security of our operations.

It is our policy to minimise damage to the environment associated with our activities while maintaining a healthy, safe and productive working environment.

In an effort to contribute to the sustainability of the environment, G&O Diamond Drilling Contractors Ltd. will comply with all relevant legislation and regulations as a minimum requirement.

G&O Diamond Drilling Contractors Ltd. will put into practice, effective processes that seek to identify and prevent hazards to the environment before the become manifest.

G&O Diamond Drilling Contractors Ltd. will complete a restoration of all sites to leave minimum indication of our presence and minimize any effect on the surrounding and global environment. This includes use of our state-of-the-art Cuttings Control Tank to clean all water and drilling fluids. This process removes cuttings from drill fluids after their use. We also employ the use of a grout pump for cementing over completed drill holes.

Winterized Cutting Control Tank.

Here is a look at G&O Drilling’s Cutting Control System for all your environmental water Concerns.

The Tank is built with four sets of baffling. These baffling helps to settle out the cutting’s than the cutting’s are pump many times to the desander, where than the cuttings are collected in a sock tubing or pail for proper disposal.

We also run a light flocking mud system to settle the cuttings down for easier cutting collection.

The use of the cutting control tank is also a water saver, because of the recycling of the drilling water.

Recommending the use of the cutting control tank in sensitive areas such as near fresh water lakes, streams , creeks and rivers, also big boggy swampy areas, winter drilling on frozen lakes. “ Just a word or two” Working to keep the Drilling Industry environmentally friendly.