Mini Mite Drill


Mini Mite Drill

We designed and built the Mini Mite Drill in our shop in Hay Lakes, Alberta, Canada. It is designed to be as light weight as possible; built with all aluminum Framing, a smaller more powerful motor and hand winch for rod pulls. This design keeps the drill weight at only 1,160 lbs. complete with 130 feet of drill rods, two pumps, water supply, down hole pressure pump and all drill tooling required to drill a 130 foot hole with a one inch core.

This unit is built for remote area Exploration Programs where there are no roads, no bridges and small set up area. The Mini Mite Drill is easy to move with a 4×4 foot bike to pull it along with or if necessary move it by hand. The Mini Mite Drill can be flown in as a single load with an A-Star chopper.

We will bring out Old Smoking Joe out of retirement to do the first hole. Also known as “Keep Healthy Joe“, he was G&O’s Diamond Drilling “driller trainer” in 1966 at the underground Birch Tree Mine in Thompson, Manitoba, Canada.

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