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G&O Diamond Drilling Contractors Ltd. is an innovative diamond drilling company located in Alberta, Canada. With over 40 years of experience in mining & exploration, our equipment and crews have drilled at sites across North America.

Access to helicopter crews allow us to fly-in equipment for drilling in the most remote locations.

At G&O Drilling, we value our environment and the health and safety of our employees, and are always working to improve in both areas.

Not only do we provide complete drilling, and exploration services, we also have consultants on hand to help with your drilling project. We also rent and lease rigs, trailers, skids and everything you need for your next drill program. For more information on our services, and equipment, have a look around the website.

Our Team

Gord is the acting President of G&O Drilling. Gord has been in the drilling industry for 40 years. Like his colleagues, he started working in northern Manitoba in 1966 as an assistant on air drills.

He has built up an extensive knowledge from his involvement in jobs across the continent, working with contractors, consultants and mining companies in the drilling field. Now, as part owner of G&O Drilling, Gord strives hard to get the best results for our clients.

Our field man also has many drilling years under his belt, and works closely with the Geo. and mining companies on a regular basis. Together, we’ve put in many feet of caseing in some pretty rough ground.

Our experience includes underground and surface drilling. Under ground, we are able to air or hydraulic drill, depending on the requirements of the job. On the surface, we’ve been involved in everything from surface drilling with skid mount drills to mountain drilling with fly-in drills, taking the job from setup to setup (38’s) (25’s) (super 300).

In the past we’ve worked with air drills, and gear drills, and are now equipped with the latest industry standard Hydraulic rigs. Our drilling sizes range from E, AX, AQ BQ NQ NQ2 HQ and some PQ coreing caseing sizes not listed here.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please call Gord at 780-878-3515 or on his Cell at 780-910-2120. You can also contact us by clicking HERE.

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